Should I Elevate My Cats Food Bowl?

Should I Elevate My Cats Food Bowl?

Ever wonder if there is any real benefit to elevating your cat's food bowl? I will tell you why it's so important. Cats are natural hunters, stalking their prey and jumping on them from above. Elevating the food allows cats to assume a natural feeding position that mimics hunting behavior. It also reduces the risk of gulping down air when eating which can lead to gastrointestinal problems like bloat or constipation. Plus, with an elevated feeder, less mess means more convenience!


I know it sounds simple but how often do we overlook something as small as raising our cat's food bowl? It doesn't take much time and effort and it has huge benefits for them (and us)!


  1. Cats will eat more and be healthier if they have the opportunity to eat from a raised dish
  2. Elevating the food bowl is a good way to encourage your cat to eat
  3. If you elevate their food, it also reduces the risk of them choking and getting hairballs
  4. It's not hard at all - just find a stable surface like an end table or coffee table, put some books underneath it, and voila! Your cat can enjoy eating without any worries
  5. You'll know if your cats aren't eating because they will lose weight or start meowing constantly for food
  6. The best part about elevating their bowls is that it doesn't take up much space in your home! Just make sure there's enough room for them to walk around comfortably while they eat :)


If cats have the opportunity to eat from the raised dishes, they will eat more and be healthier.


As a cat owner, you know that kittens like to eat. However, with the emergence of the newly invented raised feeder for cats, your cat can enjoy its favorite pastime and become happier in the process! The most common complaint from owners to pets is weight gain. Fortunately, this simple adjustment not only ensures that they maintain a proper weight, but also increases their intake to ensure that all nutritional needs can be met through diet alone, thereby making them healthier overall.


For a long time, cats have been considered picky creatures, and they will often sneer if they provide food that looks delicious in ordinary ground dishes. Thank goodness, although there are now many practical solutions for those who take care of these furry friends by the way


Raising food bowls is a great way to encourage cats to eat.


Imagine if you are starving and your only source of food is sitting in front of you, but it does not move. You will be very hungry in a while!


Raising the height of the cat's food will make them hungrier than usual. This is because when we are really hungry, our muscles contract so that we don’t have to consume so much energy when walking around-this effect also occurs in animals like cats, which are more Humans need more calories (and will seize every possible opportunity). Lifting a cat food bowl will cause these hunger hormones to be activated all day, rather than in a short period of time.


If you raise their food, it will also reduce their risk of suffocation and hairballs


If you are looking for ways to reduce the risk of cat fur balls, consider allowing them to enter the elevated feeding station smoothly.


Pet owners and veterinarians often overlook the importance of mentioning food bowls when eating. Cats instinctively eat from the ground, or sit on their buttocks, with all four paws firmly on the ground to better control what they eat; however, this makes them easier to digest because gravity will remove any remaining Food is sucked into their stomachs instead of expelled through our teething mouths! Fortunately, there is no need to throw away that precious chair, because just move its position to avoid the danger of cat suffocation, while still enjoying the meal time near the family.


Cats are natural hunters and stalking their prey. Elevating the food bowl allows cats to assume a feeding position that mimics hunting behavior, which can help reduce gastrointestinal issues like bloating or gas. With these benefits in mind, it's important for cat owners to make sure they're giving their pet an elevated dish!

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